History of the El Capricho Apartments

Enrique Molina Gimenez.

Back in 1947 Ms. Carmen Fuentes and Mr. Enrique Gimenez, founders of the El Capricho apartments, started to enjoy their weekends at the foot of Maspalomas Beach, at that time a very different place to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, totally unspoiled and without any trace of the tourist activity, which would come almost 20 years later.

Around the year 1950 my maternal great-grandfather, D. Fernando Fuentes, built a wooden hut on the banks of La Charca where he stayed for some weekends with his family, along with other families.

At that time, Mr. Enrique Gimenez Mina, married to a daughter of  Fernando and Ms. Carmen Fuentes, decided to set up two camper vans right where our El Capricho apartments are now, in other words, since the late 40s this family has had links with this environment and thanks to this, Mr. Alejandro del Castillo (Conde de la Vega Grande), owner of all this land, subsequently sold them the 500m2 plot which these apartments currently occupy.

From 1967 my grandfather, Enrique, managed these apartments until 1979, the year he died. From 1979 until 1984 they were managed by a company outside the family. And from 1984 to 1999 my mother, Ms. Amor Gimenez, managed them, working for a few years with my sister, Amor Molina, and occasionally with my brother, Emilio Molina, and I. Furthermore, my father, Miguel A. Molina, also helped with administrative tasks.

From the year 2000 up until now I have had the good fortune and responsibility of managing them myself.The whole family has worked together and endeavoured to keep up with the location that our grandfather, Enrique, had so much vision for.In other words, we have tried to give good service in a unique setting in this wonderful environment of Maspalomas for almost 50 years.


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